At Raw Materials Research & Development Council We Provide The Following Services

Policy Advisory Role to Government

RMRDC offers policy advisory services to government on raw materials exploitation, stockpiling and deletion as well as on tariff matters as they relate to raw materials import and export.

Advocacy and Publicity

RMRDC also mounts periodic advocacy and publicity activities to show case its efforts and research findings to the public for uptake and possible commercialization. This achieved through multi-facetted collaboration other stakeholders including those in the print and electronic media.

Entrepreneurship   Cluster Development Initiatives

Apart from helping the development of viable entrepreneurs, RMRDC applies the triple helix in facilitating the emergence of raw materials processing cluster and in providing equipment of common facilities in addition to injecting science, technology and innovativeness into existing clusters

Raw Materials Local Content Development

The Council encourages local content development in boosting of high quality and disease resistant varieties of agricultural raw materials, farm inputs, design and development of technology for value addition to raw materials as well as local contents awards to individuals and company that utilizes very high percentage of local raw materials in production.

Research and Development (R D) Activities

RMRDC in collaboration with individual researchers, tertiary and research institutions carry out R & Ds in relevant areas of need in the sectors of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN). RMRDC also uses its laboratory at the African University of Science and Technology (AUST) to research and character. In cases where necessary, a pilot stage is attained to rouse the interest of investors for commercialization, as well as sourcing for funds to deliver on this area of its mandate

Technology Development   Technology Upgrade/Optimization

The Council is in the business of designing and developing technology for processing raw materials into products. RMRDC also carries out upgrade and optimization of indigenous/ traditional process technology in order to reduce drudgery, improve aesthetics and increase production capacity. This may include catalytic model plants, pilot plants as well as Joint Venture Company (JVC) with individuals, state government and other stakeholders.

Consultancy and Business Investment Services

The Council provides consultancy and business investment advisory services to investors. It provides business/investment information/data and helps investors develop bankable pre-feasibility and feasibility reports/plans. Under this activity, the Council also executes industrial trouble shooting, project evaluation and monitoring.

Capacity Building and Skills Acquisition Training

RMRDC also considers human resources as raw materials that need continuous development and therefore carries out capacity building and skill acquisition training in various areas of raw materials development such as best practices cultivation and production, postharvest handling, processing and packaging. Basic and professional ICT training for individuals, groups and corporate bodies are part of our training services.

Workshops, Seminars and Conference

As part of its mandates, the Council carries out workshops, seminars and conferences to discuss topical issues on raw materials, prospects and challenges with a view to gathering stakeholders opinion and devising strategies to deal with issues of policy, raw materials sourcing and utilization, technology for value addition and challenges faced by stakeholders amongst other.