Following are the details of the project:

In order to address the challenges in sourcing of alkyd resin by the paint and adhesives industries, the Council in collaboration with the University of Benin developed alkyd resin from Rubber Seed Oil (RSO), in order to reduce importation of alkyd resin from Linseed Oil (LSO). The resin met industrial standards for the production of coloured paints and adhesives.  However, jn 2017 the research team obtained transparent alkyd resin for brightly coloured paints from the blend of RSO and LSO.


The Council is currently working on the alkyd resin for brightly coloured paints, which is under- going stability tests prior to patenting and commercialisation. The project, when commercialized would lead to the reduction in importation of alkyd resin, increase local capacity and production of paints, create jobs and wealth.