Following are the details of the project:

Sodium hydroxide and precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) which are versatile industrial chemicals are 100% imported.  As at 2010, 98,869,774kg of sodium hydroxide was imported and this amounted to N2, 797,817,092 (almost three billion Naira).  Equally, 22,985,080kg of PCC valued at N1, 660,848,589 (NBS 2010) was imported for the same year.


In view of the availability of the raw materials for the production of this chemical, the Council embarked on the precipitation method for co-production which presents a great economic potential as both products are valuable with wide range of applications.


The major raw material is hydrated lime which is produced from limestone and there are large deposits (over 180 million tons) of this mineral in the country. Research into their potentials as raw materials for production of calcium oxide has been investigated. Sodium carbonate is another major raw material used in production of  PCC, which is currently imported but which Nigeria has potentials to produce as all the raw materials for its production are available locally.

The Pilot plant which is being developed in collaboration with NARICT has been designed, evaluated and is presently being fabricated by Bon Affaire company Nigeria Ltd. Kaduna. When the plant is completed and replicated, about N3 billion in foreign exchange will be saved annually, in addition to jobs that would be created. The Caustic Soda from the laboratory scale meets the specification of the Soap industries.  Patenting of this technology is in progress.