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Circularized Address by Prof. Nnanyelugo Ike-Muonso, the DirectorGeneral/Chief Executive Officer of the Raw Materials Research and
Development Council (RMRDC), Nigeria.
To: All Staff of RMRDC
Date: 26/05/2024
Dear Colleagues,

It is with great honour and a deep sense of responsibility that I address you today
as your Director-General and Chief Executive Officer. I am grateful for the trust
President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR, placed in me to lead this critical Agency,
which facilitates local raw material sourcing, reduces import dependence,
conserves foreign exchange, boosts productivity, and ensures sustainable industrial
growth in Nigeria. I am also grateful to the Hon. Minister of Innovation, Science
and Technology, Chief Uche Geoffrey, for focusing efforts on repositioning this
Given these encouragements, I have shared my initial thoughts on turning around
this Agency in the subsections below.

  1. Professionalization of the Agency
    I deeply commit to transforming RMRDC by comprehensively adopting industry leading best practices, cultivating a culture rooted in excellence, unwavering
    accountability, and transparent operations, and massively promoting our research
    innovation/invention commercialization capacities. Through strategic investments
    in cutting-edge quality management systems, the holistic development of our staff
    through tailored training programs, and a steadfast commitment to fostering
    innovation at every level, our overarching goal is to position the RMRDC as a
    beacon of excellence and a benchmark for other Agencies.
  2. Improvements in Staff Welfare
    The welfare of our staff is paramount. I am committed to creating a supportive and
    motivating work environment where every employee feels valued and respected.
    This commitment comprises timely payment of salaries, addressing outstanding
    payments, ensuring prompt pension payments, and providing necessary working
  3. Digitalization of Processes
    I will prioritize the digitalization of most of our processes within the Agency.
    Digitalization is central to enhancing our operational efficiency and effectiveness.
    By leveraging modern technology, we will streamline workflows, improve data
    management, and ensure seamless communication across all departments. This
    transition will position us at the forefront of innovation and make our operations
    more transparent and accessible.
  4. Inclusive Decision-Making
    I believe in an inclusive approach to management. Hence, we will ensure that all
    personnel are carried along and that labour union representatives adequately
    participate in the Agency's crucial decisions. This collaborative approach will foster
    a sense of ownership and robust consideration of diverse perspectives in our
    decision-making processes. I will encourage frequent consultations and open
    communication channels to promote transparency and build trust throughout our
  5. Comprehensive Systems Review and Audit
    This new management must first understand our current standing to position our
    Agency for future success. Therefore, we will initiate and conduct a comprehensive
    systems review and audits covering all aspects of our operations, including assets
    and liabilities, human resource quality, adequacy and on-boarding processes,
    financial standing, and the remittances of statutory deductions. This audit will help
    us identify areas of improvement and ensure that we always comply with
    government regulations and professional practices.
  6. Procurement Process Reforms
    We will revamp our procurement processes to ensure they comply with government
    requirements and align with professional standards. Transparency and
    accountability will be our guiding principles, and we will implement measures to
    prevent malpractice. This reform focus will enhance our efficiency and build trust
    with our stakeholders.
  7.  Human Resource Management
    Our human resources are our greatest asset. We will address outstanding
    payments, including approved but unpaid loans and special promotions. Our
    recruitment processes will be transparent, merit-based, and aimed at attracting the
    best talents. We will invest in capacity building through regular training and
    development programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of our staff.
  8. Capacity Building and Provision of Working Tools
    Continuous learning and development are crucial for our progress. We will provide
    robust capacity-building opportunities to ensure our staff is equipped with the latest
    knowledge and skills in their respective fields. Additionally, we will ensure that all
    employees have the necessary tools and resources to perform their duties
  9. Upcoming Meetings and Strategic Sessions
    I am pleased to announce that there will be a meeting with all staff members on
    Tuesday, 28th May, at 11:00 AM to further expound on these plans. This meeting,
    which will be physical (at the Agency's Pavillion) and virtual via Zoom, will allow us
    to discuss our aspirations, challenges, and goals together in greater detail and
    enable you to share your insights and feedback.
    Furthermore, I will hold a two-day strategic goal-setting session with senior
    management and experts drawn from academia and industry on the 5th and 6th
    of June. This session will allow us to ideate and fashion a comprehensive way
    forward for the Agency, ensuring our strategies are well-informed and forwardthinking.
  10. Conclusion
    As we embark on this journey together, I call on you to join me in committing to
    excellence, integrity, and professionalism. Our collective efforts will advance the
    mission of the RMRDC and contribute significantly to Nigeria's socio-economic
    development. I am confident we will achieve significant milestones with your
    support and dedication.

Thank you, and may we all work together to realize our vision for a prosperous and
innovative future.

Prof. Nnanyelugo M. Ike-Muonso
Director-General/Chief Executive Officer
Raw Materials Research and Development Counci