List of Strategic Projects carried out by Raw Materials Research and Development Council are listed below,
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 Strategic Projects
19 Committee on the Development and Utilization of Industrial minerals (Baryte and Lead/Zinc)
18 Strategic Committee On The Development And Utilization Of Ceramic Raw Materials And Prodducts
16 Development of Ginger Value Chain and Utilization in Industries
15 Development And Production Of Tropical Fruits And Fruit Juice Concentrates For Beverage Industry
14 Computer Aided Process Equipment Design (CAPED)
13 Development and Production of Tropical fruit and Fruit Juice /Concentrates for beverage industry.
12 Development and Utilization of Sesame.
11 Development of sweet-Sorghum value chain.
10 Development, production and utilization of Oleo Chemicals in Nigeria.
9 Development Of Shea Butter For Domestic Industry And Export
8 Development and Utilization of Industrial Minerals (Kaolin, Barytes and Lead/Zinc)
7 Indigenous breed of cattle for quality milk, meat, leather, industries
6 Development and Utilization of Starch derivation from No-Food Sources.
5 Developing the Nigeria Bee Keeping industry for Honey/Other Hives for food and the pharmaceutical industries.
4 Strategic Project on the Development, Production and Utilization of Vegetable Oils for Industrial Use (Oleochemicals) in Nigeria.
3 Development and Utilization of ceramic raw materials and products.
2 Production and Utilization of cotton and other fibre fore for manufacturing of Textile .
1 Development/Beneficiation of Gypsum for POP and Cement manufacturing