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Raw Materials Information

Prior to the establishment of the council, there was paucity of information on raw materials availability, location, exploitation, uses, requirement and reserve estimates. This necessitated the initiation of the raw materials information programme to provide necessary information on the nation’s resources to investors across the country. Raw Materials Information programme is one of the key programmes of the Council that enables it to “review from time to time, raw materials availability with a view to advising the Federal Government on the strategic implication of their exploitation, conservation and stockpiling. Through this programme, Council gathers vital information on the nation’s agricultural and mineral raw materials, industries and secondary raw materials, stores and disseminates the information to stakeholders. The following activities were achieved under this programme;

• Techno-Economic Surveys and Surveys on Agro- Commodities

• Raw Materials Information System (RMIS) and Website

• Integrated management Information System (IMIS)

• Journal of Raw Materials Research

• Raw Materials Update Magazine

• Raw Materials Resource Centers in the states

• National Raw Materials Resource Centre

• Information Portal on New and Advanced Materials

• Raw Materials Information System (RMIS) for Africa

• RMRDC Proceeding Series

• RMRDC Survey Series

• Other Survey Reports

• Technical Briefs

• Nigerian Indigenous Process Technology Information System (NIPTIS)

• Production of Blue-Print For The Development Of Raw Materials For Electrical and Electronic Industries In Nigeria

• Production of Technical Briefs/Investment Profiles For Electrical/Electronic Components and Appliances

• RMRDC Strategic Plan 2014-2017 (enclosed)

• Distribution of Raw Materials in Nigerian on LGA Basis (2011) (enclosed)

Council, in the last four years has carried out Techno Economic surveys on 20 commodities, which led to production of several publications that has assisted investors in establishing their resource- based industries.

The Council has also provided information to various institutions under its collaboration programme which has assisted in planning and the industrial growth of the economy.

The Council’s State Offices engage and interact with the Organized Private Sector, Government Institutions, and Commodity Associations at the local level from where information collected are fed into the Council’s Raw Materials Information System (RMIS). They relate with SMEs in the local communities in each local government to gather information on local raw materials through several surveys carried out by the council. The operational manual for the state offices is enclosed.